Friday, December 14, 2012

What I’m Watching: Dexter

Dexter: Season 7, Episode 11 “Do You See What I See?” (B+)

There was no way that Dexter and Hannah were headed for a happy ending, but I never expected it to end like this. There was a certain absurdity to the conversation that Dexter had with Deb in the hospital, assuming that Hannah being at Deb’s house meant that she had definitively poisoned her, but this show manages to keep that kind of thing in check pretty well. I’d hate for it to be revealed that the shot of Deb popping pills in the car meant that she and not Hannah was responsible for her overdone and subsequent crash since that would really make Dexter think that he deserves to be alone. To be fair, Dexter did kill Hannah’s father, and even though her relationship with him is much more malicious than the bond between Dexter and Deb, it’s still sort of the same. Dexter turning on Hannah hurts even more since it was clear that Arlene wasn’t going to give her up to Deb. Matthews’ conviction that Dexter was not the Bay Harbor Butcher led Laguerta to be extremely dogged in her efforts to prove Dexter’s guilt, and he came quite close to being caught red-handed while trying to dispose of the man responsible for his mother’s murder. Now that Hannah is off to jail, maybe this season ends with someone else finding out about Dexter. I’m not sure what will become of Quinn now that Nadia is gone, and the police force is shrinking awfully fast with Batista putting in his papers.

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