Tuesday, December 11, 2012

What I’m Watching: The Office

The Office: Season 9, Episode 9 “Dwight Christmas” (C-)

This show is truly beyond repair at this point. I can’t comprehend why the show would have Andy spend so much time last season trying to get his job back only to have him be out of the picture for so much of this season. Having him be continually absent so that Erin and Pete can get together is pointless, mainly because Pete is a new addition that the show didn’t actually need. Nellie sure hasn’t gone very far since her managerial stint last year, and kissing Toby to make him stop telling his never-ending Scranton Strangler story seems to have ignited a bizarre romance that came from out of nowhere. Darryl’s aggression towards Jim for not bringing him along to Philadelphia seemed extreme, since he’s always been much more reasonable than the rest of the office employees. Jim’s very public midday exodus was awkward, and it’s hard to believe that he once again risked the vitality of his new career to come back to finish the Christmas celebration. Dwight’s whole performance was pretty awful, and it’s a sign that this show has aired too many Christmas episodes over its nine years to have anything entertaining left to contribute. Dwight hugging Jim and whacking Oscar for his naughty behavior is hardly enough to make up for an otherwise irritating episode that demonstrates a definitive downturn in creativity and comedic competence of this show. We’re so close to the end, so let’s get a move on Jim’s career and the inevitable reconciliation between Dwight and Angela.

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