Thursday, December 6, 2012

What I’m Watching: Homeland

Homeland: Season 2, Episode 10 “Broken Hearts” (B+)

This show is running away with its plot, and it’s absolutely fantastic to watch. Never before has Carrie been the one explicitly in danger, and Abu Nazir has never been so close to his stateside operations. The conversation between the two of them about fighting for what they believe in was terrific, and only Carrie would run back in without waiting for backup to confront the man who had just nearly killed her. It’s amazing to see how Brody operates, swearing on Aisa’s name that he would send the numbers and then relishing the opportunity to watch Walden suffer from an induced heart attack because he truly despises the man. I’m curious to see what Carrie tells everyone else about what Abu Nazir made Brody do since she’ll definitely feel a certainly loyalty to Brody, regardless of the fact that he didn’t try to save Walden. Saul continuing to dig and realizing that Estes had Quinn around to keep things contained got Estes very angry, and it’s more than worrisome to see Saul get taken into custody to prevent him from having any further involvement in the operation. It also puts Carrie in a bad place, without any support from the one person who always had her back. Not that it’s the first thing on his mind, but Brody’s relationship with Jessica is feeling truly forced, and she’s clearly had enough of it, telling Mike that she’s still waiting to feel guilty just moments before Brody walked through the door.

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