Tuesday, December 4, 2012

What I’m Watching: Elementary

Elementary: Season 1, Episode 8 “The Long Fuse” (B+)

I’ve read some complaints about this show not featuring compelling cases, but I have to disagree completely with this assessment. I’m drawn to this show because of the dynamic that Sherlock and Watson have and because of the superb performance delivered by Jonny Lee Miller, but also because the cases are so fascinating and interesting that it makes watching a procedural entirely worthwhile. This episode was especially creative, allowing Sherlock to deduce that a bomb planted in a wall detonated by accident because it had actually been made using a pager and newspaper with photos of Senator Obama back in 2008. Recognizable faces always make the best suspects, which put Lisa Edelstein’s Heather Vanowen on my radar right away. She tried to act completely innocent until the end, of course, but her love for crossword puzzles gave her away. In addition to the “House” star, another suspect, the confessed planter of all bombs but that one, was played by John Pankow, better known as the nutty Merc Lapidus on “Episodes.” I’m surprised and excited by the addition of what may be a new recurring character, mandated by Watson’s supposed departure in a few weeks. Alfredo was obviously selected by Sherlock as a sponsor because he knew that they wouldn’t be a good match, but Alfredo is turning out to be much more than originally expected. Challenging Sherlock to test out his lock-picking skills on a new car may well give Sherlock something he never thought he’d have: a new friend.

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