Monday, December 10, 2012

What I’m Watching: Suburgatory

Suburgatory: Season 2, Episode 7 “Krampus” (B)

It’s about time that Tessa’s mother came back into the picture, and this was definitely the way for it to happen, with George giving Tessa what should have been her dream scenario only to have her discover that it wasn’t what she wanted. To her credit, Malin Akerman does a magnificent job of echoing Tessa’s feelings about most things, allowing her a picture of herself in the mirror, one with which she wasn’t too happy. George, without Tessa there to make him think sensibly, did something unexpectedly sweet for Dalia and Dallas by helping to get Carmen come back to them, but Jill was enough of a catalyst to get Carmen to reconsider who she wanted to work for after her parental inabilities and her rude treatment of the hard-working maid. It will be good to see Dalia get out of the rut she’s been in for a while now, and I’m sure that watching Noah struggle to raise his child without a dutiful helper will be plenty entertaining. Ryan finding out that he was adopted was worse than the Shay family could possibly have imagined, and I enjoyed how poorly he reacted to being called by his first name, almost considering that worse than his adoptive last name. Malik finding him with his family was fun, and I like that Tessa turned right around as soon as she got home to go back out and help bring Ryan home. Tessa’s unexplained attraction to Ryan is sweet, and I’m eager to see how this unlikely romance plays out going forward.

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