Wednesday, December 5, 2012

What I’m Watching: Dexter

Dexter: Season 7, Episode 10 “The Dark… Whatever” (B+)

A lot of what goes through Dexter’s head really does sound strange when spoken aloud. It’s even better, however, to hear Hannah’s reaction to it, namely her lack of respect for the notion of a dark passenger and her claim that Dexter is in fact in control of his actions. Hannah’s father proved himself to be quite a horrible person, not a killer but otherwise fully deserving of Dexter’s brand of justice. Lying to Hannah about killing him probably wasn’t a great idea, but admitting that his dark passenger doesn’t exist prompted a pretty fantastic response from her. I couldn’t imagine what could be more resounding to end on than the happy couple’s proclamation of love, but the news that Hannah’s father called Deb to give her Arlene’s name definitely trumps it. Dexter is sure to be racked with guilt once he realizes that killing Hannah’s father has essentially led to her being convicted. Dexter will have plenty more to worry about if Laguerta continues to get more proof from Matthews that Dexter is in fact the Bay Harbor Butcher, and I’m wondering how this will all possibly play out if she does find evidence to back up her claims. Quinn proved himself extremely competent of staging a crime scene within seconds of shooting George, and bringing Batista in on it to protect Nadia demanded a lot of loyalty from the straight-arrow detective. This show has showcased some truly disturbing criminals this season, and the fireproof-suited arsonist was certainly frightening.

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