Monday, December 3, 2012

What I’m Watching: Last Resort (Thanksgiving Episode #7)

Last Resort: Season 1, Episode 8 “Big Chicken Dinner” (C)

It would seem to me that, with everything else going on, namely the United States trying to wipe out the entire crew of the Colorado, that a rape trial wouldn’t be the most productive use of time on the island right now. That’s mainly because of how it played out, with Serrat rigging the jury against the defendant to ensure that there would be chaos on the island. Making it all the more dramatic by having the perpetrator be Michael Mosley’s arrogant, impatient, and ultimately invaluable Anders was unnecessary, and it seems that he wasn’t so crucial after all since Marcus is busy training traitorous Cortez in the art of how to slowly sabotage a ship. Marcus decommissioning him after he was exonerated and sending him off into the jungle to be killed by the island inhabitants made the whole trial seem pointless, especially if he could have established his guilt earlier instead of dragging the crew and the island inhabitants through the entire process. Sam’s field trip with Booth might have been more productive if a third person had come along to make sure that Booth didn’t try to kill Sam, and it seems that their destination if far enough away that knowing its location won’t actually help Sam since it will take him too long to get there. Back in the United States, Christine and Kylie’s plotline is progressing at a painfully mundane pace, and tricking Paul into falling in love with Christine is not going to pan out well for anyone in the end.

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