Saturday, December 22, 2012

What I’m Watching: Apartment 23

Apartment 23: Season 2, Episode 7 “A Weekend in the Hamptons” (B)

This was a bizarre but ultimately entertaining episode, featuring some characteristic dorkiness from June and corresponding, or rather, contradictory, overenthusiasm from Chloe about having a weekend bender. James suffering through is DWTSPTSD at the same time made things even wackier and more fun, especially when James high-tailed it through the bushes and ended up face-to-face with Mark, whose tyrannical girlfriend had just broken up with him again. I like seeing James and Mark interact, something that worked well a few weeks ago on Halloween as well, and I enjoyed the fact that James greeted Mark by calling him “Coffee Guy” instead of by his actual name, which James likely does not know. Luther and Robin, mysteriously back as part of the cast after a lengthy absence, got a good chance to bond as well, though given their prickly personalities, they basically just spoke and were ignored by the other party. Chloe’s disappointment at the fact that her crazy party friend now had two children and was a real mess was made even worse by the realization that the alluring Willoughby was in fact some random guy she had married several years before. Only on this show could that all not come as too much of a surprise. In other news, however, it looks like June may have finally gotten herself a job, and pretty easily at that. I’m curious to see how long her new job will last and how it will actually change the dynamic between Chloe and June.

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