Thursday, December 6, 2012

What I’m Watching: Ben and Kate

Ben and Kate: Season 1, Episode 10 “The Trip” (B+)

The relationship between Kate and Will was almost too good to be true, and there had to be something bigger than a guitar face to throw a wrench in their happiness sooner or later. It’s not actually surprising that Kate’s overbearing family and friends would be the thing to come in between them, and it’s just a shame that Will felt the need to be so honest, or that he was so put off by their excessive presence in the first place. Prior to that revelation, he continued to be the Nicest Guy Ever by happily accepting the companionship of Ben and Maddie on his romantic camping trip with Kate, even convincing Ben of his good intentions. I enjoyed watching Ben try to teach Maddie how to use a saw, much to Kate’s horror, and seeing how he reacted to the news that Will had family money. BJ teaching Maddie how to speak to servants was pretty hilarious, and I liked her involvement in Tommy’s love life as well. He and Kate may not be destined to be together, but I’m pretty sure that the three women that BJ tried to set him up with were not the answer. After Ben’s unfortunate run-in with the bats, it was fun to see both Tommy and BJ show up claiming to be his emergency contact. Best of all, they got to meet a new romantic interest for Tommy, in the form of the lovely Brittany Snow. I’m eager to see how that relationship pans out.

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