Sunday, March 16, 2014

Take Three: The Red Road

The Red Road: Season 1, Episode 3 “The Woman Who Fell from the Sky” (B)

This show is continuing along at pretty much the same pace and level of quality, providing a handful of intriguing moments each episode but not quite driving them home to a satisfying point. The robbery of the nursing home at the start of the episode included that unexpected interaction between Junior and a resident which he managed to pass off as a dream, but then Mike got himself pulled up and picked up by Harold with a lot of the drugs in his car. Philip showing up to tell Harold that he had to let Mike off with a warning was a stark moment indicative of the nature of their partnership, and it’s obvious that Harold isn’t willing to let him get away with anything he wants. Tailing their connection to the nursing home and leaving the note saying “I know” on the missing poster of the dead college kid was risky, but Harold is ultimately all about justice. As long as he can convince Jeannie that she didn’t hit someone and she shouldn’t go back to the police, things might just be okay. But of course they’re never that simple. Rachel seemed like she was into Junior’s bad boy nature, but that faded quickly after their serene night in the hotel together turned into an all-too-normal morning of unforgivable comments. Rachel listening to Brian’s thoughts about ghosts and death was rather haunting, representing the creepy vibe that this show has. Lisa Bonet’s Sky Van Der Veen is quite an interesting addition to the show, and her conversations with Philip were among the episode’s best moments.

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