Saturday, March 15, 2014

What I’m Watching: Justified

Justified: Season 5, Episode 9 “Wrong Roads” (A-)

Who didn’t appear in this episode and hasn’t stopped by this show? The number of talented actors snatched up for one-episode guest spots on this show astounds me. Here we have Eric Roberts as a DEA agent who was Hot Rod’s handler and a great partner for Raylan, which pretty much guaranteed him a death sentence, and Muse Watson, who played the famed Charles Westmoreland on “Prison Break,” as Elmont Swain, the man who thought he was getting a free pass and a payday from Boyd only to be strangled in a car on his way out of town. The dialogue on this show is exceptional, and the fact that Roscoe went out talking about King Lear is simply incredible. Roscoe and Jay did a great job getting away from poor Agent Henkins, which then led to one of the best moments this show has ever offered. Raylan and Roberts’ Agent Miller walking in to find Roscoe and Jay pointing guns at the quartet of Wynn, Picker, Daryl, and Boyd was amazing in a way that I can’t even describe, and of course it doesn’t mean much in the long run aside from Roscoe’s death, but it was still fantastic. Daryl was holding his own negotiating with Boyd, but that turned very sour when Boyd offered Roscoe and Jay 10% to kill Daryl, something that didn’t go over well with one of the more intelligent Crowes. I love every interaction that Kendal and Wendy have, and I sure hope that Wendy doesn’t fall victim to the temper of one of her brothers and that she does make it out okay with her very mature, drink-mixing son. The most startling part of the episode was, of course, saved for last, as Miller made the impulsive decision to go after the directions-challenged Crowe boys. Danny was ready to shoot a federal agent, but instead it was Dewey who impulsively decided to run him over and keep on driving, leave Danny in the dust and a whole world of trouble coming soon.

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