Saturday, March 22, 2014

What I’m Watching: Person of Interest

Person of Interest: Season 3, Episode 17 “/” (B+)

I love this show, and episodes like this especially. We got the chance to see Root in full mission mode, redefining herself as one of the good guys, a perfect blend of skill and non-emotion to go along with Reese and Shaw. That this show is able to execute an entire episode that puts its main characters into supporting roles, which it’s done now a few times this season, is just spectacular. Root’s personal connection to this particular number allowed her to exude some unexpected emotion, which was a nice and rare thing to see. It’s strange to think that, at the start of season two, Finch was terrorized by Root as she held him captive and forced him to do things, and now she’s trying to convince him that she can be trusted and that they’re on the same side. Her excitement at what the machine tells her and how it does it is wonderful, and it only enhances her suave operating nature. Getting her ear patched up so that she could once again hear the machine was a victorious moment, and she used it to probably regain the upper hand. Collier and his group are rather persistent nemeses for Finch’s crew and for Root, and Greer is showing himself quite a bit these days, which suggests that, by the season finale, things will escalate to an explosive point. Given how last season ended and reshaped the show, I’m eager to see how this season finishes off and where it heads for season four.

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