Tuesday, March 4, 2014

What I’m Watching: Banshee

Banshee: Season 2, Episode 8 “Evil For Evil” (B+)

It’s easy to tell that there was so much happening in this episode since Carrie and Job running right into Lucas in the middle of their private heist was almost inconsequential to all of the hour’s other developments. It’s lamentable that there are just two more episodes left this season, but fortunately it is immensely popular and will be back for a third season next year. This installment took things to a whole new level, escalating the conflict between Lucas and Kai in a major way. Lucas telling Kai that he’s a cop and Kai is a criminal was an oddly smug moment, and it was quite a payoff when Kai went ballistic while he was being arrested. Rebecca opting not to tell Kai that Lucas was in his home but giving up the informant was intriguing, and it’s clear that she’s trying to be loyal to her uncle while keeping another protector open as an option. Sugar’s saying about not buying his meat where he buys his bread and butter was terrific, and makes me like his character all the more. Gordon inviting Carrie to come join them for the barbecue after she stopped by to leave the money was nice, and it’s good to see that one doomed relationship may just work out. The real spotlight of this episode was on Emmett, who previously hadn’t been giving the chance to be so central. Like Siobhan’s first big episode, it was absolutely devastating, though this was considerably more violent and harmful. It’s sometimes difficult to watch this show considerably just how dark its themes are. Strong acting from all involved and a deep commitment to storytelling save it, and it’s all just another miserable, maniacal day in Banshee.

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