Sunday, March 16, 2014

What I’m Watching: Modern Family

Modern Family: Season 5, Episode 17 “Other People’s Children” (B)

This was a relatively simplistic episode, but it was still pretty enjoyable. I liked the grouping of Cam, Mitch, Manny, and Alex as the intellectual members of the family, and while it did become obvious quickly how it was going to pan out, there were some funny moments. Cam planning to touch a painting to get kicked out of the museum only to be warned and told he didn’t have to leave was probably the most amusing part. Jay bonding with Luke and teaching him how to be a productive, hands-on member of society was nice, and it was rare to see him relate to Phil on a fatherly level, opting to let Phil have the pleasure of giving his son his first beer. Phil was busy filming the worst’s most extensive love tribute video with someone who might be a better fit than Luke in terms of their similarities. Andy has turned out to be a worthwhile character, and the way in which he messed with Haley’s head in this episode was great. Hearing her confusedly yell at her date was fantastic, and it’s always good to see her almost become a more mature person. Claire going flower girl shopping with Lily and Gloria was an interesting, ill-fated idea from the start, and, as tends to be the case with this show, it was really all about presenting a ridiculous visual, which in this instance was the sight of Claire running in a wedding dress being held up by Gloria in pursuit of Princess Lily.

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