Tuesday, March 11, 2014

What I’m Watching: The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead: Season 4, Episode 13 “Alone” (B)

This episode was a notable improvement over last week’s episode, even if it still didn’t move at an enlivening pace. Featuring multiple plotlines really is key, and allowed viewers to latch onto the hope contained within them and with the idea that they might soon intersect. I’m still not into the idea of Daryl and Beth as a romantic item, with their piggybacks and hand-holding that are deeply suggestive but not firmly indicative of anything concrete just yet. Why Beth drove off is a mystery, and now Daryl is going to have to contend with being one of Joe’s crew, which might not be a great thing considering what we saw him to do to his friends back in the house with Rick a few episodes ago. It was good to meet Bob, who we’ve seen a couple of times but got reintroduced via the opening segment in which he was first found by Glenn and Daryl and brought to the prison. Giving him a romance with Sasha was sweet, and it’s good to see the two of them sticking firmly behind Maggie after initially not supporting her only to have her run off. Maggie is a shadow of her former self, gutting walkers so that she can leave notes for her husband to be able to find her. It is affirming, however, to see an exhausted Glenn approach a map with the destination of Terminus circled, indicating that he may in fact be headed for the same place as Maggie and they might be reunited in the end after all.

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