Thursday, March 13, 2014

What I’m Watching: Girls

Girls: Season 3, Episode 10 “Role-Play” (B-)

Sometimes I just don’t understand where this show is going. I think that, especially in its first year, this show did a superb job of really digging into its characters and understanding just how much of a tough time they’re having with life. Since then, however, and in this season particularly, the show has taken unfortunate turns that have left its characters in miserable places, and I just don’t find it as compelling as I used to. I guess it makes sense that Adam would want to show off his acting talents to Hannah by inviting her to come watch him at rehearsal, but I can’t imagine that he would actually think it would be acceptable to have someone in the audience when there is no one else watching and the director reacted so poorly. Telling Hannah that he fell in love with her and that means that he doesn’t need sex in the same way is actually a logical, sensible statement, but obviously Hannah isn’t interested in hearing any of that. Her attempt to role-play failed miserably, and seems to have inadvertently messed up her relationship in a big way, indicative of much larger problems. Shoshannah calling Dot, portrayed by Felicity Jones, to come talk her father off the ledge was probably a smart and healthy move in the long run, but all it seems to have done so far is alienate Jessa. Marnie is having a wonderful time with the seemingly angelic Desi, but working as a purposely overqualified assistant for Soojin is going to deal her already struggling self-esteem a serious blow.

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