Tuesday, March 18, 2014

What I’m Watching: The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead: Season 4, Episode 14 “The Grove” (C+)

I’ve written enough about how I’m not too taken with this show’s segmented format, and so I’ll skip all my thoughts on the absence of most of this show’s characters in this hour. I did take issue, however, with this episode’s themes and morals, since it was mainly just depressing and creepy without much plot-driving value. Lizzie and Myka weren’t this show’s most annoying kids – an honor usually reserved for Carl – but they also weren’t its best assets. Feeding the walkers at the prison was one thing, but insisting on the zombified state as just another form of living was a dangerous place for Lizzie to be. I didn’t expect the horrific sight that was her holding a bloody knife over the dead body of her younger sister, who she was eagerly awaiting returning to the world in her new and improved form. Judith might as well have been baby Dexter sitting on the blanket looking up at the violence around her. Carol having to kill Lizzie to ensure that she didn’t hurt anyone else wasn’t pleasant, and then she decided that the best thing to do was to try to alienate her one last ally. Fortunately, Tyreese had the good sense to forgive her and move past it, and maybe someone can finally make it to Terminus now and be reunited with other members of the ragtag group formerly holed up at the prison. With only two episodes left in this season, this show needs to kick into high gear pretty soon.

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