Wednesday, March 5, 2014

What I’m Watching: The Following

The Following: Season 2, Episode 7 “Sacrifice” (F-)

Okay, so this is officially the worst episode this show has ever aired. I’m so tempted once again to just abandon it altogether, but it really is like a train wreck where you just can’t look away. There are now three cults all of a sudden, one bent on vicious revenge, another on mindless public displays of killings to only their followers, and our original clan, now made up of three people who have absolutely no power or ability to do anything productive. Introducing Jake Weber’s Micah is so completely unnecessary, and he is an outright caricature who makes Joe look good, which is a difficult feat considering his very cartoonish nature these days. I was appalled that they might have killed off Emma, since saving her this long would have been pointless, though to have her and Joe and Mandy stay in that horrifically stupid place is going to be truly miserable and lamentable. Lee Tergesen’s vicious serial killer proved not to be too bright, enlisting his son’s assistance in kidnapping Max and then letting her convince him to consider hunting her just enough to strangle him with her legs and escape. You’d think a seasoned serial killer would be more skilled at both keeping his prisoner captive and making a shot at two targets that didn’t realize they were in his crosshairs. Lily killing Mike’s father on camera was pretty awful, and it more embodies the futile nature of her entire enterprise, which now seems to be to create chaos and misery for no reason. What a horrific mess this is.

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