Tuesday, March 4, 2014

What I’m Watching: The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead: Season 4, Episode 12 “Still” (B-)

This wasn’t necessarily a bad episode, but it was hardly thrilling either. This show very often opts to have episodes that feature one singular storyline, which I think plays much better when a season is viewed in marathon form rather than once per week. The four episodes since the show returned from its hiatus have been mostly like that, driving the story forward one small section at a time. It’s not all that gratifying since not too much actually happens in the span of an hour, and we have plenty of characters who deserve to have their stories spotlighted. I feel like the season finale is going to arrive because we’ve gotten anywhere. Beth and Daryl are an odd couple to be sure, mainly because she was a mature girl who fared pretty well when thrown into an impossibly mature situation and Daryl was a tough guy with a big heart who always managed to save the day. There certainly shouldn’t be any romantic attachment between them because of the large gap in their ages, though their game of “I’ve Never” did involve some flirtation. It wasn’t nearly as compelling as the same game as played by Sawyer and Kate in the “Outlaws” season one episode of “Lost.” Seeing the two of them drunk is somewhat worthwhile for dramatic purposes, but let’s have get them reunited with the love ones they’re sure they’ve lost and get them back to being positive, productive members of the group. I did enjoy the fact that Daryl wouldn’t let Beth have Peach Schnapps be her first drink and insisted on giving her moonshine vodka instead.

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