Wednesday, March 19, 2014

What I’m Watching: Girls

Girls: Season 3, Episode 11 “I Saw You” (B-)

This certainly doesn’t feel like the second-to-last episode of a season, though it does contain a few monumental events that have been a long time coming now. Why Patti LuPone had to guest star again, this time with the opportunity to excitedly chat with Elijah so that she could again refuse to answer any of Hannah’s product-related questions is a mystery, and, like last time, it added very little to the show. Hannah has as much as quit before, and this time she just rehashed what she has already said and managed to piss everyone off enough to inspire Janice to fire her in the middle of the meeting. Declaring her pride at now being able to collect unemployment didn’t go over well even in a group of actors. Adam and Hannah’s relationship seems even more strained than ever, but they’re making it work somehow. Marnie and Desi pulled off a great feat together which impressed their friends, but meeting his girlfriend – played by Natalie Morales – after their successful performance was too much for her to take, coupled with Jessa’s instant ability to be hired when she stopped by the gallery. Given how Ray was talking about her, they really should give it another shot, but their sounds made Hannah curious, which now means the latest rift in their friendship, which should send them into the season finale with plenty of strong feelings and ready to explode at each other. We’ll see how things end up looking and where the show is headed for its fourth season.

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