Thursday, March 13, 2014

What I’m Watching: The Following

The Following: Season 2, Episode 8 “The Messenger” (F)

I have to take issue with the serious troubling policework in this episode, though that’s hardly something new for this show. That Ryan had tried to interview Dr. Arthur Strauss earlier and he had politely declined should in no way indicate that on Ryan’s next visit he suddenly becomes suspect number one and acts like it, inviting intrepid reporter Carrie Cooke into his home with the intention of carving her and Ryan up just for fun with the help of his live-in apprentice. How did he go from not being scrutinized at all to a fully prepared and willing killer? It wasn’t a great role for the usually terrific Gregg Henry, from “The Riches,” “Hung,” and much more, though he did his best, and I was more intrigued by Sprague Grayden of “Jericho,” who made Carrie as interesting as possible despite the overzealous writing of her character. Fortunately for Carrie and Ryan, Arthur was too busy talking about cutting out eyes to think about backup, so they made it out okay. Charles S. Dutton is quite the actor to play the FBI director, who opted to hire Ryan off the books, a decision that never proves intelligent when the one doing the hiring gets taken out. Meanwhile, happenings at Micah’s cult are absolutely ludicrous, and I really think that Joe is backing the wrong horse by trying to control the delusional Micah instead of allying himself with the actually coherent Julia. My big takeaway from the ridiculousness in the woods was that there is only pre-life, which has something to do with Neptune and eating sins. Because that all makes a whole lot of sense. And FOX has opted to renew this show for a third season, another puzzling occurrence.

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