Tuesday, March 11, 2014

What I’m Watching: Banshee

Banshee: Season 2, Episode 9 “Homecoming” (B+)

With just one more episode left after this in the season, this hour was the perfect ramp-up for the finale that delivered considerably in its own right. Opening with Job entering the church and being discovered by Julian Sands’ priest, who also happens to be Rabbit’s brother, was a formidable reminder that he’s still an ever-present threat, and despite Job’s impressive abilities, he didn’t manage to get away unscathed. Lucas and Carrie dropping everything to come help Job and take down Rabbit or die trying meant just as much for both of them, since Siobhan had finally gotten Lucas to open up and Carrie was back in Gordon’s house telling him everything about her childhood so that he could trust her again. Revealing on her front lawn that Lucas is Deva’s father was bold, but Carrie doesn’t have much left, and so better to let the truth come out now so that she can try to move forward. The hospital shoot-out was intense, and it’s evident that Rabbit and his brother are going to come full force to Banshee now given that they feel they’ve been attacked. Alex has suddenly become cocky, something that doesn’t suit him, and the true power player is being revealed. Clay took out Sharp and was on his way to do the same to Juliet, but Rebecca stepped in and made it clear that she’s not going anywhere. Kai is going to need an ally on the outside given how he’s doing in prison and how he broke down when his mother came to visit him.

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