Wednesday, March 12, 2014

What I’m Watching: House of Lies

House of Lies: Season 3, Episode 8 “Brinkmanship” (B)

Let’s forget all about the hood rich guys who have been warring with each other for most of the season, and get back instead to Clyde’s big whale that might finally earn him enough brownie points to merit Marty’s forgiveness. It was definitely good to see more of Eliza Coupe’s Marissa, who excelled during their meeting at making her position known using her most explicit sarcasm. The other notable guest star and familiar TV face this week was Balthazar Getty of “Brothers and Sisters” and “Alias” fame, in a role that didn’t amount to much until he got the chance to tell Marty that he saw exactly what kind of person he was. Marty wasn’t doing too well himself, and calling Monica over to have sex indicated that he might really be losing it. Surprisingly, their interaction was actually probably their best and healthiest in a while, as exemplified by their forward-facing sex and their actual human conversation. Doug’s relationship, on the other hand, took a serious nosedive, though it really seems to be what he wanted given how much he pushed Sarah away and tried to flirt with Caitlin. Even though they’re now on a break of sorts, doing anything with her is not going to be good for him, and she’ll certainly suspect it since she had the chance to meet her and realize how Doug acts around her. I enjoyed Doug’s thoughts on Tufts’ medical school, and the accidental airing of his private problems in a very public space was darkly entertaining in its own way as well.

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