Sunday, March 9, 2014

What I’m Watching: Modern Family

Modern Family: Season 5, Episode 16 “Spring-A-Ding-Fling” (B+)

I wasn’t sure I would at the start, but I actually enjoyed this episode quite a bit. Its weaker plotlines weren’t featured all that much, and its other focuses turned out to be a lot funnier and more well thought-out than I initially expected them to be. Cam’s feud with Senor Kaplan didn’t take up too much of the focus, and though he ultimately managed to beat him, his grand moment wasn’t as showy or over-the-top as usual, which was good. Lily blaming her accidental knocking over of Gloria’s phone on Joe was somewhat amusing, even if his walking seemed all too perfect in a convenient moment, but what was most enjoyable about it was how she got caught. Claire trying to beautify Luke’s romantic interest and push Alex’s date to spend some alone time with her was fun, and it gave her something productive if highly unadvisable to do. Phil falling during his opening number because he saw Haley texting had the greatest possible save, which was Haley excitedly accepting his realtor award on his behalf and delivering his material to the audience. I was nervous that she might mix it up and say something offensive, but sometimes the plots on this show are purely sentimental. I loved seeing Marc Evan Jackson, a.k.a. Trevor Nelson on “Parks and Recreation,” as the surprisingly talented Mortgage Doctor. The best plotline was definitely Mitchell’s, as he misconstrued his new work situation in a major way and took a stand for a cause that didn’t even come close to existing.

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