Wednesday, March 5, 2014

What I’m Watching: Almost Human (Season Finale)

Almost Human: Season 1, Episode 13 “Straw Man” (C+)

I didn’t even realize that this episode was the season finale until I went online and saw that it was in fact the show’s thirteenth and final outing this year. Whether the show returns for a second season remains to be seen, but I wouldn’t point to this hour as a strong recommender for its future. This season ender could have featured more about Kennex’s ex-girlfriend Anna or about Syndicate, which seemed to be the main villain for the season at the start of the season. Featuring a serial killer who abducts people and then creates duplicate bodies stuffed with straw to be found by the police might be decent fodder for an ordinary episode, but it’s hardly worthy of being the meat of a season finale. Tying in Kennex’s father and his last case makes it considerably more impactful, but only to a certain degree. There wasn’t much about this storyline that had a lot to do with the future, which is also regrettable given the immense potential of this show. Featuring Dorian’s review was, I suppose, a way to assess the show so far and the relationships its characters have with one another. It may have been overt and a little too focused on the show’s comedic qualities, mainly Rudy babbling about wanting Dorian to raise his children if he had any, but I guess it had its virtues. I wish this show was much more even that it’s been so far, and I also wish that I was more excited about the possibility of a second season. The pilot was strong, but little after that lived up to it.

Season grade: C+
Season MVP: Michael Ealy as Dorian

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