Saturday, March 29, 2014

What I’m Watching: New Girl

New Girl: Season 3, Episode 20 “Mars Landing” (B)

This episode was sort of all over the place, but it was mostly enjoyable. Nick and Jess were bound to come across obstacles in their relationship, and who would have thought that they would have their biggest fight after moving in together after a night of heavy drinking while trying to put together a children’s toy? Their argument once again illustrates the enormous difference in the worldviews that the two of them have, with Jess espousing a romanticized view of parenthood and horses and Nick on a completely separate plane. Among his most hilarious ideas were wanting his kid to beg to go to school, science being more of a belief than anything else, and talking about being an intergalactic truck driver. Their breakup seems to have been negated by Schmidt living in Jess’ room, but I’m sure there’s plenty of heartbreak and subsequent awkwardness to come. It’s weird just how okay Schmidt is with the idea of Cece dating someone, and her sending drunken nonsensical texts to him was most funny because of its sheer randomness. It is amusing to watch the boys make jokes about his age, and it seems that he’s not going anywhere so soon. The guys’ own romantic conquests aren’t going too well, and all they ended up doing was breaking the girls’ stuff and probably throwing out their backs, on Winston’s part anyway. Picking up that heavy furniture on his back while the building was on fire was an inspired, if certainly ill-fated, gesture.

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