Sunday, March 30, 2014

What I’m Watching: Person of Interest

Person of Interest: Season 3, Episode 18 “Allegiance” (B+)

It was nice to have our starring players back at the forefront of things in this episode, with Root relegated to an appropriate supporting plotline. There’s something terrific about the way that Reese and Shaw think about a concept like blasting into the U.N., not all fazed by the sheer immensity of it and instead excited by the challenge. Reese even got to catapult someone out a window just to show that he was having a good time. Most refreshingly, Lionel wasn’t portrayed as a total buffoon, still permitted to blow the firetruck horn like a child and spill falafel on his tie, but actually given the chance to kick some ass and get a few good one-liners in while doing it. The notable guest stars of the hour were Nazneen Contractor of “24” as Maria, Haaz Sleiman of “The Visitor” and “Covert Affairs” as Omar, and, in the first other role I’ve seen him in, Michael Gill from “House of Cards” playing a similarly high-ranking governmental part. I enjoyed the fact that Root was operating separately from the main crew but also contributing by calling Finch to give him little hints that the machine told her out of context. Watching her tail Greer as he systematically cut all of the ways in which the machine could track him was enthralling, and I like that Root brought Bear with her so that she didn’t lose his scent. Her conversation may have ended in defeat for the moment, but I think she’ll gain the upper hand in their next meeting.

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