Saturday, August 1, 2015

Take Three: Impastor

Impastor: Season 1, Episode 3 “Bird of Pray” (C)

This show is emphasizing stupidity above all else, which means that it is still fun but doesn’t exactly rank as terribly memorable. There’s something about it that appeals to me, and therefore I think I’m going to continue watching, at least until fall programming starts to return. The title of this episode, moderately clever as it is, is a fitting moniker for the themes of this episode, which mainly had to do with connections to pets and how praying helps that. Buddy’s excitement at the fact that he had a program in front of him from which he could just read demonstrated his laziness, since he assumed that he didn’t have to do anything and wouldn’t even need to bother to look up what a homily was. Channeling the fiery spirit of a late-night television preacher and amping up the sleaze actually worked to his advantage, impressing all but the discerning Alden. All looked grim when he called in a superior, but it turns out that he too found Alden stuffy and urged Buddy to relax and to quiet any suspicion about him and the mailman that started as a result of Buddy not bothering to lock his bedroom door when he had an overnight guest. Alden fondly remembering his dog was considerably over-the-top, and I suspect that he’ll still feel considerable resentment towards the flashy new preacher. The discovery that the dead body in the river isn’t actually Buddy Dobbs is also sure to create trouble in the near future for an unsuspecting impastor pastor.

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