Monday, August 24, 2015

What I’m Watching: Married

Married: Season 2, Episode 6 “Murder!” (C+)

This episode didn’t do much for me, but I think I could tell that right from the start with the episode’s title and its odd opening, which didn’t even try to reference Halloween. Martin Starr has his own odd appeal, but he’s so much better suited to uttering hilariously deadpan and emotionless lines on shows like “Party Down” and “Silicon Valley” than just skulking around doing very suspicious things that, to Lina, seemed like the traits of a recently released murderer. If all this had to happen for Russ and Lina to have some truly good sex that made a surprise appearance towards the end of the episode, then maybe it was fine, but I hardly think it was worth it. In its second season, this show has demonstrated that it doesn’t always have as solid a footing for its plotlines, and I’m saddened by the apparent demotion of Jenny Slate’s Jess to a recurring player since she was always one of the strongest members of the ensemble. Instead, in this installment we get the completely oblivious Bernie, who is far more irritating than usual as he fails to realize that what he is doing at work is completely inappropriate. That he didn’t even mind getting fired after Russ postponed doing it so much was a bit of a letdown. Lina taking a new job will probably be good for her, and I’m hopeful that her doing that will enable the show to get more on track with its comedic plotlines each episode.

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