Sunday, August 9, 2015

What I’m Watching: Married

Married: Season 2, Episode 4 “Koreatown” (B+)

This may not have been the smartest or more creative episodes this show has produced, but it’s a great summary of parenthood and adult friendship in the twin plotlines it portrays. Lina having trouble connecting with her daughter, especially after seeing how warmly she treats her father and that she bonded with another mother at a sleepover, was a natural impetus for her to try to host the perfect sleepover to get in with her kid and her friends. Letting them use one of her fancier outfits was a nice and relatively harmless gesture, but egging them on – pun intended - to go one step beyond teepeeing another girl’s house definitely turned out to be a regrettable move when Lina found out that its resident’s mother was undergoing chemotherapy. I recognized the other mom as Amy Landecker, who I think is the standout of the “Transparent” ensemble and had a pretty decent role here that served to get Lina all fired up to try to be the cool mom. Russ’ mission, to keep A.J. sane and from making some irreversible mistakes, was a bit more difficult, and he managed to succeed if only because he prevented the police from being called to stop A.J.’s alleged suicide attempt. A.J. is far from stable, and the fact that he was most concerned with what he was wearing on his first day back at work was an important indicator of his readiness. I liked Shep’s reminder to Russ that he doesn’t leave the Valley, all but negating the next step of their evening plans.

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