Thursday, August 27, 2015

What I’m Watching: Masters of Sex

Masters of Sex: Season 3, Episode 7 “Monkey Business” (B-)

There’s no denying that what’s happening on this show is interesting, but it’s also more than bit bizarre and also rather unfocused, bringing back plotlines from previous episodes and seasons without much warning. The return of Sarah Silverman’s Helen was one such example, as she expressed her desire to have a baby and then ended up nearly being inseminated by Betty at 2am before being introduced to a very welcome familiar face, Austin, at a strip club. Jane also showed up with her impotent theater pal Keith, who didn’t pass muster with Bill because he was single but ultimately got what he needed thanks to Jane opting to step in and help out a friend in need for the sake of the work. Bill, as usual, is not subtle about his desire to keep Virginia away from anyone else, and Dan didn’t stand for it, insisting that Virginia herself tell him that she couldn’t come out with them and then dressing up in a gorilla suit to charm Virginia and make her laugh. Tessa flirting with Dan and keeping her identity a secret was quite something, and he did his best to hide his complete shock when he found out who she really was. Virginia needing to motivate Gil was interesting, to say the least, and she did not seem pleased at all. In less significant plot developments, Johnny burning Bill’s baseball card seems like an ineffective form of silent protest, and Libby and Paul, following her hurtful outburst, are now on a path towards needing each other, inching ever closer to their inevitable affair.

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