Tuesday, August 11, 2015

What I’m Watching: Orange is the New Black

Orange is the New Black: Season 3, Episode 9 “Where My Dreidel At?” (B+)

This episode was a fantastic look at religion and what it can really mean to people, with the Norma cult, Leanne’s unexpected Amish past, and the rent-a-rabbi showing up to interrogate inmates about their true Jewishness. Leanne definitely has a surprising past, and the fact that her own honesty and desire to rid herself of her drug-filled present and return to her Amish roots showed that she had her heart in the right place. Unfortunately, her situation prior to arriving to prison wasn’t too great, and it’s clear that she’s latched on to a cause with trying to get this religion officially identified so that it too can’t be taken away from her so quickly and easily. Making Soso feel isolated wasn’t a smart move, but her attempt to confide in her didn’t go well either, as Soso opted to respond with laughter and mockery rather than sensitivity. The kosher quizzes were hilarious, and I love that only Sister Ingalls passed the test because all Abrahamic religions are basically the same until you get to Jesus. Pennsatucky’s budding friendship with new guard Charlie was at first endearing, but it quickly turned into something much less appealing that even Pennsatucky clearly found off-putting. Piper’s relationship with Gerber is going much better, though she’s neglecting Piper in her true time of need and instead pursuing an alluring fling with Stella. It’s especially bad considering Alex has discovered that Lotty is really after her, and there’s no way that Piper is going to believe her now despite the proof she has found.

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