Wednesday, August 5, 2015

What I’m Watching: Humans

Humans: Season 1, Episode 6 (B+)

This show isn’t wasting any time progressing its plot, and I’m very excited about that. Joe having slept with Anita is almost inconsequential because, thanks to an awfully dramatic drowning-like awakening in the car, Anita doesn’t really exist anywhere. That’s not to say that Joe’s resentment about the situation is gone, and that’s what resulted in the tragic sacrifice Max decided to undertake to ensure that Leo could get away. “If I die, that means I’ve lived” was probably the best quote of the hour. Danny also showed a very different side of himself, inviting Fred to join him in a world where Synths are treated better only to have him shoot him and go on the run, ready to reunite with his fellow Synths. The interaction between Niska and George was also fantastic, with both insisting on their independence, George declaring that he doesn’t take orders from her and Niska retorting that she doesn’t serve humans. Karen revealing to Peter that she is a Synth after they slept together was very poorly-timed especially considering his visit to his own home to interrupt some very deliberate lovemaking between his Synth and his wife. Everything on this show has been turned on its head, and I’m eager to see how it all gets resolved with just two episodes left this season. Fortunately, AMC and its partner networks have decided to bring this show back for a second season, news which makes me very happy since I think this show has a very promising future.

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