Thursday, August 13, 2015

What I’m Watching: Masters of Sex

Masters of Sex: Season 3, Episode 5 “Matters of Gravity” (B)

There were parts of this episode that worked well and others that felt a bit forced. The opening scene with Tessa doing everything possible to get her mother caught in the act with Bill by inviting her grandparents over to surprise her was equally immature and conniving, and it’s clear that she is very angry at her mother and isn’t soon going to let go of that aggression. The most startling part of the entire thing was how Virginia’s mother reacted when put it together that her daughter was engaged in an affair with Bill, applauding her for sleeping her way to the top and encouraging her to get Bill to divorce his wife so that she could be successful with him. Bill had his moment of triumph over those who signed the petition to get him fired, one that seemed to satisfy him a whole lot less than tracking down the boy who bullied his son and terrifying him so much that he peed his pants out of fear. Bill continues to be an immensely unlikeable character, and it’s hard to sympathize with him when he’s such an emotionless robot who doesn’t seem to care about anyone else. It was obvious that Margaret’s love triangle wasn’t going to last long, and the sexual success she was having with Graham just brought to light the lack of a true attraction that would make him pick her over his travel agent. At least she reunited with Barton as a friend and convinced him to call his daughter to come clean and rectify their relationship.

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