Thursday, August 6, 2015

What I’m Watching: The Brink

The Brink: Season 1, Episode 7 “Sticky Wicket” (B)

No matter how stupid this show may get, there’s no denying the brilliant epicness of what happened at the end of this episode. Everything looked like it wasn’t going his way, but thanks to a faked bloody urine incident, Walter was able to get his plane landed in Switzerland and pull off a tremendous coup which had Zaman removed from power and Raja put in his place. That would have been tremendous had it not been immediately followed by Walter walking in to an operation seconds away from happening that had the presidential palace bombed, taking out Raja while Zaman laughed in the car that was safely away from the blast zone. I’m not sure who’s going to take the most blame for that, but they’ve undone just about everything Walter did and started back at a place far behind square one. It also doesn’t mean good things for the seven Pakistani girls inside the embassy, who could have gotten out thanks to Alex’s drug tunnel but were kept there for the sake of the political press Walter thought he could get for Raja. Alex actually did pretty well impressing Fareeda, with even Rafiq agreeing, but he may have blown that with his latest stunt. I guess the moral of the story of this episode is that the Taliban might actually be America’s saving grace, which makes little sense, but the highlight of that whole plotline was Glenn theorizing that if you threw a bullet really fast it could still have the same impact as if it had been fired from a gun. And Z-Pak has no idea that this is the least of his problems following Gail’s accidental reveal of her pregnancy to an unappreciative third party.

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