Thursday, August 20, 2015

What I’m Watching: Ray Donovan

Ray Donovan: Season 3, Episode 6 “Swing Vote” (B+)

This was a rollercoaster of an hour, ending on a rather volatile and uncertain note. Ray went from not talking to Abby to jubilantly inviting her to meet the governor in a brand new dress and give their marriage another try. Unfortunately, he didn’t foresee that the elder Finney would find out about his 3% NFL deal with Paige, and his fury about that action coupled with the governor’s loss did not present itself in a favorable way for Ray. Paige asking Abby about her time in Boston was a red flag that she and Ray spent much more time together than it might have otherwise seemed, and Andrew wasn’t subtle about implying that Ray and Paige were having an affair. It’s hard to know what will come next, but I think that Andrew as an enemy will bring much more trouble than any benefits having Paige as an ally would have provided. Terry is not holding up well outside of prison, and the placement of the weight by Bunchy at the end of hour all but confirmed that just about everything is in his head. Bunchy going to Bakersfield to track down Teresa was bold, and he seems to have had surprising success. Confirming that Ray killed the priest to the devious Father Romero was a lamentable development, and there’s no way that will lead anywhere good. I’m glad to see that Daryll has some good business savvy and that his father is taking his ideas. I wasn’t too sure about the direction that Bridget’s budding forbidden romance with her teacher was headed, but their bathroom-set scene was considerably more tender and powerful than I had expected.

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