Sunday, August 9, 2015

What I’m Watching: Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll

Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll: Season 1, Episode 4 “What You Like Is in the Limo” (B+)

This episode was fun for a few reasons, mainly because it gave the group the opportunity to fly to a foreign country and demand absurd perks that exist only in the wild dreams of those who feel that they have the chance to ask for anything. The more dramatic backdrop of the episode was Gigi’s subtle maneuvering of the band and its priorities to include her at the forefront, initially insisting on not opening for the Heathens and then reclaiming and renaming the band as her own when the rest of them wanted to boot Johnny. Somehow she used the negative energy aimed at one member and harnessed it to her advantage, making her quite a threat, though her best interests are currently tied in with the best interests of the band. I like how Johnny still tries to have fatherly moments with her, talking about stardom and what it means to truly be a rock star, and that Ava has her own opinions about Johnny’s career and what he should be realistically shooting for at this point in his life. This show has done a good job thus far of portraying a situation in which the Heathens are able to command large paychecks and be popular in a perfect niche that makes it so that they’re comfortable enough to continue to fight internally and think of new ways to be self-destructive. They’re doing a good job so far, snake hallucinations and drum solos notwithstanding, and they’re sure to implode and then be reborn again soon.

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