Sunday, August 9, 2015

What I’m Watching: Rectify

Rectify: Season 3, Episode 5 “The Future” (B+)

I had no idea that next week’s episode is this show’s season finale, and while a fourth season is already confirmed, it’s a shame that only six episodes were commissioned, especially after season two included ten. Sundance has done this with several of its shows now, and they could all use more than six episodes – I think that twelve and thirteen have become the industry standards for quality season length, with ten usually also clocking in as too fleeting. What’s even more lamentable is that this episode really showcased everything that’s good about this show, and to think that it won’t be back for a full year is unfortunate, mainly because I’m sure I’ll have all but forgotten it by then. What this episode crucially did was reframed Daniel and how others perceive him. The big bombshell was Carl calling him in to tell him that he’s not a suspect but a witness, which means that more and more people believe that he may not be the awful man most suspect him to be. Janet standing up to Ted to defend her son was great, and I like that she brought Jared along with her since obviously he’s feeling left out of the storyline. The whole scene by the pool was very powerful, and it’s a nice thing to see a good chunk of the Holden family together again. Teddy was noble to offer to move out of his house, but it appears that Tawney has a dark past that requires much more soul-searching than just a day or two back in her old surroundings.

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