Tuesday, August 18, 2015

What I’m Watching: Dark Matter

Dark Matter: Season 1, Episode 10 “Episode Ten” (B+)

I wanted more characters to appear in a given episode, and that’s what we got here, with an unseen enemy nearly annihilating them with nuclear missiles and then another showing up to pair them with another crew on an unknown but surely sinister job. Our six protagonists play much better among themselves than they do with others, with Two’s attack on her suitor serving as the most aggressive action that all but sealed their fate as the target of their temporary ally’s next job. There was a good deal of action during the job, and I like that the androids have become the most fearsome creatures on this show because of how their programming sets them to attack right away without assuming that any positive motivations on the part of the humans around them. Fortunately, Five was able to think on her feet and use the power of the android and its charge to open the doors, and Four was there with his sword to help spirit them out of harm’s way. Unfortunately, things aboard the ship couldn’t help but derail when the crew decided to take both the bounty and the crew for themselves rather than honoring their deal. Three revealing the code to save Two’s life was a shock, but not as much as Two getting sucked out into the airlock as the episode credits rolled. There are still three episodes left this season, and while I’m sure that Two can’t be dead, it’s not looking particularly good at the moment for our friends.

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