Sunday, August 30, 2015

What I’m Watching: Married

Married: Season 2, Episode 7 “The Cruise” (C+)

I’m not thrilled with this season, and this episode didn’t do anything to change that. There’s a certain degree of suspension of disbelief I’m willing to allow in a sitcom, and the way that Russ’ mother decried their deplorable living conditions reminded me all too much of Nathan Lane’s Pepper on “Modern Family” describing the slums in which Mitchell and Cameron reside when they’re actually beautiful and quite expensive homes. Russ’ mother was a lot to take in general, and while I think that dealing with in-laws is an important part of marriage that’s ripe for spotlighting in a sitcom like this, it felt a bit exaggerated in this episode. I did like that Russ and Lina were firmly on the same side, and that they were casually discussing how long the marriage would last if she decided to move in. Fortunately, Russ offering for her to stay in the guest house was just the way to get her to hit the road immediately and leave them alone for a while. I felt like Bernie in this episode was a whole lot like A.J. in the way he acted, yet A.J. for once noticed that it was more than a little weird. The best part of the whole plotline of trying to sponsor school for a webcam girl was that A.J. and Bernie decided to get Shep involved, who immediately said no and still managed to get suckered in to their shenanigans. I wish we could have seen Jess too, but I guess that’s hoping for too much.

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