Sunday, August 2, 2015

What I’m Watching: Married

Married: Season 2, Episode 3 “The Sandwich” (B+)

This show has a fun take on marriage in its portrayal of two people who aren’t particularly unhappy in general but tend to get wrapped up in specific things that make them question what their expectations are supposed to be. Explaining to one of their daughters that they were going on separate date nights was particularly entertaining, and I like that they both eagerly came up with an idea of something that would benefit them individually and then were dismayed when the other presented a highly contradictory idea about the plan for that evening. Lina’s attempt to live vicariously through her friend Abby, played by Sarah Burns, who portrayed Krista on “Enlightened,” as she set her up on a date with an attractive widower, presented an opportunity for embarrassment on all levels. That should have been investigated by Lina and her flirting, but instead Abby opted to ask immediately after learning that her date hadn’t been present for his wife’s death what kind of sandwich he had been making, a question repeated by A.J. once he showed up and heard the same story. I love seeing Abby and A.J. together, and I think they could make a terrific couple. Russ’ night was similarly unproductive, with Jess achieving a triumphant moment when her D.J. crush remembered her. The best part, summing up the whole night and everything that happened, was Lina identifying a couple she’d be okay swinging with because the husband was most like Russ, her normal, safe choice who ultimately does make her happy.

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