Wednesday, August 12, 2015

What I’m Watching: Humans

Humans: Season 1, Episode 7 (B+)

What a rollercoaster of an episode this was, with nearly all the Synths in one place save for one very crucial player who unfortunately didn’t have the same destiny in mind for her fellow creations. The revelation that Karen was one of them but not one of them means that they obviously resented her, and the programming that she had which prevented her from killing herself was her primary motivation in turning the rest of them in to Danny and his team. That all came after plenty of discussion among the Hawkins family and their cybernetic guests about how similar they are and what their real goals are. I never knew how funny Niska could be, responding to Sophie with “Has your face always been like that” and then questioning why everyone keeps telling her to be nice. Playing with dolls with Sophie was an especially great scene. Laura and Joe seeing the footage of her attacking the fight club changed their minds about her, but they didn’t even have time to process it all before the SWAT team burst in. George’s death at Karen’s hands is almost inconsequential, and it seems clear that the Hawkins family, Mattie and Laura in particular, was always much more central to this story. Odi sharing a pleasant memory with George as he lay dying was a fitting way to go out, and who knows what will become of poor Odi, who will likely be recycled and decommissioned, fated for total and complete obscurity.

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