Tuesday, August 25, 2015

What I’m Watching: Dark Matter

Dark Matter: Season 1, Episode 11 “Episode Eleven” (B)

I knew there was no way that Two was really dead, but finding out how she survived being spaced was considerably more interesting than I expected. I thought that Wexler had staged it to intimidate the rest of the crew, but it turns out that she actually did get jettisoned out into space, but thanks to some advanced engineering, microorganisms in her body shielded her from the deadly effects of being in space with no protective gear. That the Android knew about it all along is intriguing, but now it’s a matter of Two not having any idea of who she is aside from her true identity, which makes her more of a threat but also puts her in more danger. Spacing Wexler after she promised not to wasn’t necessarily a regression to her previous life, but an acknowledgment that she can’t let enemies who were ready to kill her – and in fact thought they did – stay standing. One’s voice-crack-riddled speech to rally the boys to come together and get revenge was a bit silly, and they were so woozy and delusional by the time the door opened that they couldn’t do much anyway. The teamwork this crew utilized was impressive, but now they have to face the fact that the device they just handed over was capable of destroying an entire planet in minutes, suggesting that they’ve just delivered the keys to an immensely dangerous object that is all but certain to fall into the wrong hands if they don’t find a way to destroy it first. Next up – the two-hour season finale!

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