Wednesday, August 5, 2015

What I’m Watching: Ray Donovan

Ray Donovan: Season 3, Episode 4 “Breakfast of Champions” (B+)

Ray may not be happy about it, but he is extremely qualified for his new job. I loved the look on Paige’s face when he slapped the chauvinistic host of the game show – twice! – and arranged it so that the female wheel-spinner with the master’s degree could host the show for once. Paige understood, of course, that it was the best play, and that move revealed a much more dastardly situation related to Ray’s new employment, which is that Paige will constantly ask Ray to do things and Malcolm has reminded him that he works for him not her. That should be plenty interesting to watch, and it will keep Ray occupied while disturbing things are happening elsewhere with his family. Bridget’s relationship with her teacher, played by Aaron Staton from “Mad Men,” seems ready to boil over to something questionable and inappropriate. Conor has inherited his father’s taste for violence but none of the impulse control, and his response to having attractive girls use him to have sex with their boyfriends in his house was a bit disproportionate. Abby’s vacation away is definitely an immersion back into another world, where she gets to watch her niece make all the same mistakes she did while reminiscing about people being murdered in the bar. Mickey always knows how to piss his kids off, and Terry is having none of his generosity. Terry seeing Frances again was a tough scene, since it’s clear that they could have had something and his decision to undertake crime and his family without her cost him the relationship.

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