Monday, August 17, 2015

What I’m Watching: Married

Married: Season 2, Episode 5 “Pimps” (B+)

I like that Lina and Russ usually have different storylines that revolve around the same general theme, and trying to figure out how to make friends in uncomfortable places when it should have been much easier was the main subject of this episode. Lina’s desire for her kids to like her has driven her actions a lot recently, and trying to get her daughter to befriend a kid she doesn’t like so that she can find another couple to go on vacation with was a typical scheme that went rather awry when Lina couldn’t focus on much else even after her daughter got attacked when she didn’t play the robber (which Lina deemed the best since the villain is the most fun). Russ’ work life does seem pretty miserable, but fortunately it includes his assistant Miranda, played by Kimiko Glenn, familiar to TV audiences for her role as peppy inmate Brook Soso on “Orange is the New Black.” Having her spend time with his boss was a similar play to Lina using her daughter to make friends, and let’s hope the Robot appreciates his new moniker just as much since Miranda seems to have told the awkward story to just about everyone. I like that Russ ended up having to Skype with his family on the beach, during which he asked to be turned so that he could stare at a woman in a bikini. A.J. staging a preposterous intervention for Abby was well-intentioned, and luckily she was touched rather than furious, and that weird, wonderful relationship continues.

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