Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Round Two: Blunt Talk

Blunt Talk: Season 1, Episode 2 “I Experience Shame and Anticipate Punishment” (C+)

This second episode was not much of an improvement over the first episode, still intent on classifying itself mostly as a show about an unstable, questionably depraved person and the hijinks he constantly gets himself into. Using Harry as a muse and then having his painting ruined by a flying ball from next door was a bizarre introduction to this episode’s main guest character, Ronnie, who was played by Brett Gelman, who stars as A.J. on “Married.” His obsession with having Harry star in one of his erotic films and the fact that he actually demanded that as payment for the favor of using his green screen was a bit much. I did laugh at Celia nearly derailing the porn star’s attempt to sweet talk Harry and prepare him for their big scene. Not getting on the plane because of Walter’s neurosis and the automatic flushing toilet continuously pulling the seat cover in as soon as Walter had so carefully set it was a drawn-out moment, and the kind of thing that seems all but guaranteed to be repeated throughout this show on a regular basis. The ultimate call that the hurricane he had tried so hard to falsely report on was downgraded and he was supposed to fly back from the city he never actually made it to emphasized the absurdity of all this. This show has a certain style and tone, and while I see how some might find it appealing, I don’t, and I think I’ve seen enough to make that call.

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