Monday, September 28, 2015

What I’m Watching: Narcos

Narcos: Season 1, Episode 5 “There Will Be a Future” (B+)

Pablo in exile is a wholly different beast, but one that is just as dangerous and volatile. Sitting by the pool and living in luxury is hardly a miserable fate, but it’s clear that Pablo really does love Colombia, and the way he said that he would never again leave his country once the plane came within view of the mountain cemented his inseparable bond with the land. Pablo’s reach from afar is no less severe, and he managed to take out the most influential politician just by making a call. The crucial development is that his lieutenants are starting to talk among themselves and to think that maybe it’s time for a less drastic situation since all Pablo continues to do is escalate and assert the supremacy of his organization and operation. At the same time, two strong and separate elements are building against him, both of which will surely anger him and cause plenty of collateral damage. Gaviria was appointed by the son of his assassinated predecessor to be the voice of the people against Pablo and the narcos, and his rallying statement to the American press confirms that he’s going to take the side of standing for good and for extradition, knowing full well that it may well lead to war but will prevent Colombia from being a narco state. Carrillo is an even more aggressive antagonist for Pablo, speaking English in front of his untrusted men and going so far as to call Pablo to wage war against him, an undoubtedly regrettable move. Javier working to get protection for Elisa is earning him no friends in the agency, and there isn’t a way that ends without someone getting hurt.

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