Wednesday, September 16, 2015

What I’m Watching: Ray Donovan

Ray Donovan: Season 3, Episode 10 “One Night in Yerevan” (B+)

It’s amazing to see how far Ray and Mickey have come, from the son trying to kill his father in season one to him putting himself on the line both with his connections and his own life to get Mickey out of an especially precarious situation. Ray has never been one to flinch when a gun is pointed at his head, but it’s still jarring to realize just how quickly his life would be over, and because of such a selfless act. It seems that, aside from Mickey having to relocate and Daryll being furious about the business going up in smoke, things have actually fallen into place, with the Armenians arrested and only one unsubtle cop threatening to unravel the entire operation. Despite her fake accent, I was sure that it was Sarah Shahi from “Person of Interest” playing Hasmig, the Armenian singer who didn’t want her song about genocide to be censored. It’s so intriguing to see Ray send Avi to try to handle the Cochran situation while the devious former FBI head was putting on a fake accent of his own to impersonate Avi, talk his way into his storage unit, and show up with a smoking gun to cut some sort of deal with Andrew that’s going to save him and help them both screw Ray over. Abby was understandably livid about Paige showing up at their house to throw their partnership in her face, and she’s been handling a lot on her own lately. Going to Mr. Donellen’s house to threaten him was a formidable display of power, and it’s interesting to see how she wants to deal with this on her own without involving any Donovan men, be it Terry or Ray.

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