Friday, September 11, 2015

What I’m Watching: Masters of Sex

Masters of Sex: Season 2, Episode 9 “High Anxiety” (B-)

I like this show less when its players devolve into caricatures, and that’s what happened here with a few of the characters. The worst offender was Austin, who called Betty to complain because he couldn’t eat his favorite cereal in the morning after he crashed at their place following the loss of custody of his kids. I don’t know why Austin needed to come back since he was an intriguing character when he was an uncontrollable philanderer but is now just a sopping mess. Libby trying to set Paul up felt very forced, particularly because all she did was draw attention to something which she should not have been interested in. Bill also got a bit too explicit about how possessive he is, ordering Betty to spy on Virginia and prey into the depth of her relationship with Dan when all she was ready to do in the name of honesty was tell him that he needed to modernize his wardrobe. Despite the harsh talking-to she got from Bill for not following protocol, Nora truly is a star student and quite reminiscent of Virginia. Bill’s partner is not happy at all about the surrogacy study, and Bill’s clinginess feels especially excessive as we see more of Virginia being a legitimate equal for Dan, able to suggest new ideas and pioneer projects without having to defend her concepts as worthwhile. Trying to find a reason to stay indicates that he really cares about her, and I worry how Bill will react to that. Learning from his dad, Johnny found the perfect way to best the bully his dad had started to mentor by viciously outing a personal problem at school in a scene that was far from pretty.

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