Monday, September 21, 2015

What I’m Watching: Significant Mother

Significant Mother: Season 1, Episode 6 “Get Forked” (B+)

It’s about time that Nate started dating someone, and leave it to his mother and best friend to be the ones to try to set him up. Creating a profile for him on a website called Get Forked for foodies attracted a predictably strange crowd, which included those who were far too obsessed with food and those who were inclined to dine and ditch. That’s what made the choice of Annie so perfect since she seemed to be relatively normal and a true catch for Nate. I was pleased to see Mircea Monroe of “Episodes” playing her, and of course it all turned out to be way too good to be true, first with the porn star past and then the stealing of his father’s expensive new car, ending in a lesson on not posting pictures of yourself on the internet with a $150,000 car since it might attract the wrong type of girl. Lydia and Jimmy’s “hashtag teamwork” bit was funny, especially when Lydia tried to triumphantly say it only to have Jimmy halfheartedly participate since she had actually done some matchmaking without him. I like that Atticus finally noticed that all of Sam’s songs are about Nate and not about him, and that she had such a tough time writing something about her actual boyfriend who is never at a loss for things to say about her. Sam as a character, and Atticus too, could be one-dimensional and oblivious, but the fact that she’s just as secretly into Nate as he is into her is a great thing for her to be able to slowly realize.

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